HVAC and Furnance Tune-up Tips

Keeping your HVAC Furnace system in top condition is especially important as temperatures begin to fall. Furnace tune-ups can range from a simple task to a deep thorough inspection by a professional measuring air quality, gas leaks, and your HVAC or furnace systems circuit boards. Both the heating and cooling systems should be checked on a regular basis. The cost of having a professional provide this service will depend on your area.

While you should take a look at your HVAC and furnace system on a regular basis (each time you change the filter), you should at the very least have it inspected once a year before switching it into heat mode. Here are a few things that you can do on those in-between HVAC and Furnace tune-up visits from the professional. You should change your filters regularly every two to three months to keep the HVAC or Furnace fan from overworking. Run a test of your HVAC or Furnace system before you actually need it. It is better to be prepared than cold. You should not have anything that may be flammable stored near the furnace. If your furnace has a continuous pilot light, this should be blue and steady. Many newer models have an electronic ignition and do not have a pilot light. In either case, when the heating flames come on, they should also be blue and steady. Use a vacuum with a nozzle to clean out the furnace area, blower fan and cooling coils. Some furnaces still have belt driven blowers. In this case, make sure the belt is in good working order and not cracked.

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