Home Basement Waterproofing

All basements should be waterproofed. Think of this expense as an investment in both your home and your health. Waterproofing a basement is not a matter of simply coating the inside of your basement walls and flooring. Waterproofing a basement needs to be looked at as a system of efforts working together to keep your basement dry. Perimeter drains around the house, sump pump in the basement, exterior wall membrane, and the interior coating. Your houses gutter system also helps to direct water away from your basement walls and is a part of this system. If at all possible, this is a job that should be done as part of your home’s original construction.

Since basements by their nature are underground, the existence of moisture is going to be a given making it a prime environment for the growth of mold and mildew. Leaky walls can also cause your foundation walls to deteriorate. Basement waterproofing is a must to keep these hazards out of your house and to keep them from causing further damage to your health and home.

If you have a finished basement that you are using as a family, guest, or game room, you don’t want to have to spend thousands of dollars in repairs after the first good rainstorm to repair or replace damaged property. By properly waterproofing a basement you can increase the value of your home by increasing the square footage of living space. Having a waterproofed, finished basement will also aid in keeping condensation to a minimum. Methods for waterproofing a basement have changed over the years. If you have moisture or musty smell issues, you should have it inspected by an Atlanta Handyman and take action to remedy it now.

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