Roof Valley Leak

Roof leaks are one of life’s headaches that cause stress, cost money, and look terrible when they are allowed to linger. Nobody likes them and most people can’t fix them. What you can’t do is allow them to leak for long periods of time. When this occurs mold among other things will set in your home and can cause air quality problems. Every time it rains, you cringe at the thought of what’s happening upstairs in your attic. Maybe you climb up to the roof and inspect what you think is wrong. This most likely leads to more stress as you come to find that it’s much harder to diagnose than you thought.
It generally makes the most since to hire a professional to inspect your roof and diagnose its issues. You do a quick google search for Roof Contractors and find that many companies offer to fix a leak, but you don’t know who to trust.
At Character Craftsmen, we work very hard to provide quality work for all our customers. We handle tricky leaks like this valley here:


Some inexperienced roofer decided to tar the whole valley vs doing the job correctly the first time. Tar on roof is a temporary fix, which has its uses although they are few and far between. What we did was to remove all this tar, the shingles in the valley and the felt to get to the bare wood. At this point we rebuilt the entire valley like new to achieve a leak free roof and properly correct the issue.


At the end we were able to complete this job at a fair cost and provide the customer with a warranty to backup our work. Where was this roof? In Alpharetta, GA, in a town home community only 7 years old!  That just goes to show even builders can make mistake in the construction industry. Character Craftsmen is here to help solve these problems and Lear our homeowners happy at the end of the day.
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